Real business

We perform real activities and fully correspond the criteria of a business entity.


Fantastic plans

We live ahead. Beat the present is simple. For the one who is part of the future


Steady course for success

Success components: Cointonix and you. We succeed together.


Everything in the business world works according to a specific scheme. An idea appears, a business plan is being developed, which in the process of its formation and development turns into a promising business. Step by step, it goes through the stages of formation, active growth, stabilization and scaling - from idea to creation of a global company. CoinTonix is a company created by us in 2018 in accordance with UK law. The main focus of our activity is aimed at creating a top stock exchange of cryptocurrencies with a high degree of reliability, a wide range of pairs and the best quotes. Regardless of our opinion or desire, cryptocurrency firmly entered our lives. No longer meet the person who has not heard at least about Bitcoin. It is simple: a cryptocurrency can change the financial world, given its main feature - decentralization. This currency does not belong to any country - it belongs to people, miners and communities that relate to it.

Creating the stock exchange from scratch is a complicated process. We know very well how cryptocurrencies work and closely monitor everything that is related to their past, present and future. We have developed standards on which all the activities of our company should be based, a management system and methods of working with clients have been created. We build our future, focusing on a clear, long-term strategy in all our actions, decisions and values. To get something, you need to give something. This is part of our company philosophy. In our sphere, as well as in many others, besides the belief in the benefit of the business and in its even greater development, the necessary guarantee of success is the timely support of bold investors who are ready to invest in unknown, but promising projects at the initial stage of development. Many modern major corporations owe their existence and success to their investors.

Due to the maximum attraction of financial resources, we strive to accelerate the process of formation and development of our cryptocurrency stock exchange. Our team has all the intellectual and technical resources necessary to provide a full range of services of exceptionally high quality. The subsequent increase in the welfare of our investors through capital investments in our company is a reasonable result of our activities. We also aim at stimulating the growth of the main activity through the development of new sources, for example, issuing our own cryptocurrency and opening a cryptocurrency exchanger. In order to support this direction in the future, we have developed a long-term strategy for sustainable development: to ensure intensive profitable growth until 2020 and beyond. This means that today you are working with a very profitable and promising business with maximum financial results.