Revealing opportunities

New Year holidays are over and we have returned to work with energy and are ready to work even more fruitfully. The main reward to us at the finish line of the past year was the almost tangible end result of the formation of our own cryptocurrency CTX. A solid team of creative specialists with vast experience, which means that they know all the nuances and pitfalls of the process, worked tirelessly and solved all the tasks in a comprehensive manner.

At the moment there are a limited number of bonuses in the form of internal currency CTX, provided by the company for investment plans Mega-Tonix and Crypto-Tonix, which are converted and charged in the ratio of $ 1 = 1 CTX. After the termination of the distribution of bonuses, the stage of formation of our cryptocurrency pricing will begin. This means that at this stage the initial price (quotation) CTX is determined, which was previously conditional.

This is followed by 2 of the most important stages - presale and the main sales stage (crowdsale) CTX.

Ahead of us is the presentation of a business model and an individual chronology of development with a list of key steps starting from the moment of the announcement of the idea and the start of sales of CTX. A development map or Roadmap will display both completed stages and planned events, such as sales start, access to the stock exchange, etc. The logical conclusion of the initial placement of CTX will be the starting point on the way to form a reliable and top-end cryptocurrency exchange Successful, popular and influential in the entire cryptocurrency market own stock exchange - our ultimate goal.

For all investors on site added the ability to track the remaining CTX bonus reserve and add even more benefits to their deposit. Hurry up there are quite a few of them left!