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Jan 16,2019
The beginning of a big way

The beginning of a big way

Last Tuesday, January 15, the long-awaited first office of Cointonix solemnly opened its doors. The opening ceremony was attended by many guests - partners, customers and friends of the company.

During the official part of the event, the founders of the company and its first persons greeted the guests, spoke about the principles of operation and goals of the company, about the possibilities for building successful cooperation and constantly improving the level of services provided, and answered all questions from the participants of the event. After warm words and easy communication, the leaders solemnly cut the red ribbon, thus announcing the symbolic start of the office. The unofficial part of the opening was also well-organized: the guests moved to the restaurant, where a gala dinner and a rich evening program awaited them in a friendly atmosphere. 

We express our deep gratitude to each guest for their presence and support. Thanks to our partners for their trust, sincerity, warmth and truly friendly communication. Soon we will sound even louder - ahead of the celebration of a series of large-scale events and official discoveries!

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