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Jan 31,2019
When determination is rewarded

When determination is rewarded

The preliminary results of the working visit of the official representative of Cointonix to Argentina have been summed up. Hospitable Argentina was greeted with warmth and cordiality, and the trip resulted in many business meetings with local partners and potential customers, which made it possible to establish business contacts and identify prospects for joint development.

The fruitful trip to Argentina marked an important stage of interaction with local partners to strengthen the position and development of the company in Argentina and Paraguay. The tasks set by the management have been solved in full. There are agreements on key areas of cooperation and prospects for expanding cooperation with foreign partners. In addition to vivid impressions of Buenos Aires and extensive business negotiations, a detailed report has already been submitted to the company's management, which includes all the necessary business information and a set of necessary procedures for registering a representative office and opening a company office in Argentina. And this means that we are pursuing a serious and long-term policy to promote Cointonix abroad. 

Ahead of new countries, new cities and new opportunities! 

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