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Jan 31,2019
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When determination is rewarded

The preliminary results of the working visit of the official representative of Cointonix to Argentina have been summed up. Hospitable Argentina was greeted with warmth and cordiality, and the trip resulted in many business meetings with local partners and potential customers, which made it possible to establish business contacts and identify prospects for joint development.The fruitful trip to Argentina marked an important stage of interaction with local partners to strengthen the position and development of the company in Argentina and Paraguay. The tasks set by the management have been solved in full. There are agreements on key areas of cooperation and prospects for expanding cooperation with foreign partners. In addition to vivid impressions of Buenos Aires and extensive business negotiations, a detailed report has already been submitted to the company's management, which includes all the necessary business information and a set of necessary procedures for registering a representative office and opening a company office in Argentina. And this means that we are pursuing a serious and long-term policy to promote Cointonix abroad. Ahead of new countries, new cities and new opportunities! 

Jan 29,2019
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Success chooses professionals

We are interested in expanding the staff and we invite to our team ambitious, purposeful and sociable specialists who are ready and able to work hard and effectively and develop.At the moment we are looking for a specialist in technical support, preparation and conduct of webinars, as well as a competent speaker with experience in organizing events of a different nature, high level of communication skills and the ability to attract an audience. We build cooperation on the principles of mutual benefit, respect for all agreements and an individual approach to each. We are confident that the joint work will be fruitful and successful for both parties. You can find out more detailed terms of mutually beneficial cooperation with our company or send your finished works and information about yourself at [email protected] We are waiting for you!

Jan 28,2019
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Discover new perspectives

We are always looking for ways to develop our global network and briefly recall the profitable proposal to become a Cointonix regional representative. Working with us, heads of regional offices receive a number of advantages, which makes cooperation mutually beneficial: a budget of up to $ 3,000 for opening an office, awarding "Leader" status of partner program and increased partner rewards, incentive bonuses and bonuses for achieving certain performance indicators and investment turnovers and much more. If you are interested in our offer, contact us for more information or send a request to the email address: [email protected].

Jan 22,2019
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Absolute convenience

Customer orientation is the basis of our business. Strategically important for us, we consider the ability to offer our customers not just the best, but the most comfortable solution for them and the opportunity to choose in each particular case. This concept brings flexibility to the development of our innovations, because at each stage reviews of our users are taken into account. Adding a method of payment through the WebMoney system extends the functionality of the site and increase the convenience of cooperation with the company. This is one of the leading payment systems, which since its foundation in 1998 has been open for free use by everyone, regardless of citizenship and residence anywhere in the world. Also, WebMoney has several different currencies (EUR, USD, RUB), allowing more convenient to carry out calculations in different situations.

Jan 19,2019
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Dynamics with double force

Actively implemented the introduction of new features and ensuring the convenience of working with the system for each user. We give preference to the most efficient developments and concentrate on innovation, as a result of which new functions of the user interface have been created.The first of them allows you to make an internal currency exchange by a simple transfer between the investor’s personal accounts. In particular, to do this, go to the “Internal exchange” section of the Personal Account, where transfer forms between accounts in any currencies are already available. The second function is intended for internal transfers between users - now you can easily transfer funds from your main balance to the intermediate balance of another user. Developing the present, we create the future. Tomorrow comes today!

Jan 18,2019
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Together we can do more

Keeping the best traditions, the company conquers new heights and expands the horizons of international cooperation. This time it is amazing in its diversity Argentina - a bright colorful country, a country for those who "have already seen a lot" and for whom this is not enough.Cointonix representative is on the way and we believe that our cooperation with partners from Argentina will be the beginning of a strong and long friendship. We will deepen relations with existing customers, offer them more services and strive to bring our cooperation to a new level that meets mutual interests and contemporary realities. We will keep you updated and share news directly from the scene.

Jan 17,2019
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Quality of Understanding

Our activities are based on principles that were defined at the very beginning, which allows us not only to carry out our plans. We are proud of the results of our work and almost weekly updating and improving the functions that indicate our willingness to cooperate with partners from around the world.With the implementation of the Turkish language, we continue to expand the geography of the services provided and to develop our relations with foreign partners from Central Asia and the Middle East. Now they will be able to get effective help and the most complete information for more comfortable working with the company's website.

Jan 16,2019
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The beginning of a big way

Last Tuesday, January 15, the long-awaited first office of Cointonix solemnly opened its doors. The opening ceremony was attended by many guests - partners, customers and friends of the company.During the official part of the event, the founders of the company and its first persons greeted the guests, spoke about the principles of operation and goals of the company, about the possibilities for building successful cooperation and constantly improving the level of services provided, and answered all questions from the participants of the event. After warm words and easy communication, the leaders solemnly cut the red ribbon, thus announcing the symbolic start of the office. The unofficial part of the opening was also well-organized: the guests moved to the restaurant, where a gala dinner and a rich evening program awaited them in a friendly atmosphere. We express our deep gratitude to each guest for their presence and support. Thanks to our partners for their trust, sincerity, warmth and truly friendly communication. Soon we will sound even louder - ahead of the celebration of a series of large-scale events and official discoveries!

Jan 14,2019
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The perspective of continuous growth

Dear friends!In our company, a landmark event! Tomorrow, January 15, at 15:00 Moscow time, the grand opening of the first Cointonix office will take place at the address: Moscow, Southern Administrative District, Danilovsky area, Bolshaya Tulskaya Street, 10С5, business center Serpukhovskoy Dvor on Tulskaya.The festive program on the occasion of the opening is planned really grand and extremely rich. The traditional cutting of the red ribbon, buffet, greetings from partners, photo and video to capture the pleasant moments - all in the best traditions of corporate celebrations.  The company also prepared an incredibly advantageous offer for all its customers - only in honor of the opening of the office and only on January 15, the domestic currency CTX, provided as an incentive bonus from the company for Mega-Tonix and Crypto-Tonix investment plans, will amount to $ 1 = 1.5 CTX. We remind you that there are a few days left before the termination of the bonuses distribution and the beginning of the formation stage of the pricing of our cryptocurrency. Do not miss your chance to get new opportunities and maximum gifts!Become a witness of a bright event in the life of our company! Waiting for you!

Jan 10,2019
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From quality of relationship to quality of opportunity

Constantly improving the technology of interaction with customers, we strive to make joint cooperation as productive, convenient and mutually beneficial. In this regard, we hasten to share our latest achievement - the launch of the Spanish version of our website for the development of company cooperation with Spanish-speaking countries.Continuously improving the functionality of the site, we are rigorously striving to achieve an ideal that can satisfy any potential visitor to the service. Positive feedback from our customers is the surest sign that we are working in the right direction.

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