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Jan 08,2019
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Revealing opportunities

New Year holidays are over and we have returned to work with energy and are ready to work even more fruitfully. The main reward to us at the finish line of the past year was the almost tangible end result of the formation of our own cryptocurrency CTX. A solid team of creative specialists with vast experience, which means that they know all the nuances and pitfalls of the process, worked tirelessly and solved all the tasks in a comprehensive manner.At the moment there are a limited number of bonuses in the form of internal currency CTX, provided by the company for investment plans Mega-Tonix and Crypto-Tonix, which are converted and charged in the ratio of $ 1 = 1 CTX. After the termination of the distribution of bonuses, the stage of formation of our cryptocurrency pricing will begin. This means that at this stage the initial price (quotation) CTX is determined, which was previously conditional.This is followed by 2 of the most important stages - presale and the main sales stage (crowdsale) CTX.Ahead of us is the presentation of a business model and an individual chronology of development with a list of key steps starting from the moment of the announcement of the idea and the start of sales of CTX. A development map or Roadmap will display both completed stages and planned events, such as sales start, access to the stock exchange, etc. The logical conclusion of the initial placement of CTX will be the starting point on the way to form a reliable and top-end cryptocurrency exchange Successful, popular and influential in the entire cryptocurrency market own stock exchange - our ultimate goal.For all investors on site added the ability to track the remaining CTX bonus reserve and add even more benefits to their deposit. Hurry up there are quite a few of them left!

Jan 06,2019
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The main event of the first days of New Year

Cointonix’s geographic expansion is part of our plan to conquer the world, and opening a company office is the first link in the global expansion policy. Despite the availability of the services provided on-line, we try to find an individual approach to each client and ensure direct communication with representatives and management of the company for future cooperation. Our goal is to strengthen our presence and provide the highest level of services and regional support for all Cointonix customers. We have long planned and actively worked to create a truly comfortable space to meet with our current and future customers and thought out all the details for the effective organization of the office and improving the quality of service.One of these days we will open the doors of the company's first office in Moscow. The opening of the office will continue our concept of a company with a high confidence index. We fully realized the possibility of direct communication with the management — here you can come at any time and directly learn about new opportunities and prospects, as well as quickly resolve important issues personally with a management representative. The festive opening program will take place on January 15th. Red ribbon, buffet, sea of champagne and official representatives, friends and partners of the company. Waiting for you! And while we continue to prepare. Follow our news, all the details of the upcoming opening will be informed later. Address: Moscow, Southern Administrative District, Danilovsky area, Bolshaya Tulskaya Street, 10С5, business center Serpukhovskoy Dvor on Tulskaya.

Dec 31,2018
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Merry Christmas and happy New year!

Cointonix wishes you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! The new year is usually associated with hopes for the best, so let all the good things that pleased you in 2018 find their continuation in 2019!The outgoing year brought a lot of victories and achievements, became an important milestone in the development of our company. We thank for the trust of all partners, and we hope that our fruitful cooperation will continue in the future. Please accept our most sincere wishes of health, happiness and well-being to you, your family and friends! And may the New year be with you success in all your endeavors!

Dec 25,2018
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The work schedule of the company in the New Year holidays

In order to have a good rest and to enter the New Year with new forces, we are going to the New Year holidays from December 30. Someone will ski or fly to the warm seas, while others simply rest at home with their families.We do not interrupt the work during the holidays: investment, affiliate program and withdrawal of funds will be available, but the accrual of profits on deposits will be suspended and restored immediately after the holidays. We also suggest that you postpone all your worries for a while and take a rest with us in order to be actively involved in the work from January 7, 2019. We celebrate the year 2018 with satisfaction and great pride for the work done and the goals achieved. In a very short period, during which it is difficult to realize our full potential, we have declared ourselves, have shown excellent dynamics and growth rates and in many respects took place thanks to our partners. Those who believed us and were not afraid of working with a young company. And this is only the beginning, because next year we are waiting for new heights and even bolder plans! The most important points are: - Opening a company office in Moscow. In just one visit, it will be possible to study all the presentation materials and the legality of the company's documents, get advice on investment activities and the services provided. - Welcome video message from the founder and CEO of Cointonix. To make it convenient for clients to work with us at all stages of development of cooperation, we plan to regularly talk about the results of our work and plans for the future, answer the questions of concern to investors in the detailed audio and video messages on the official website of the company. - Translation of the site into popular languages. This will provide an opportunity to establish contacts with potential partners from other countries from around the world and to meet the growing needs of investors in each region of our presence.And this is not all the goals and plans. Things are going well, the company is growing, and we hope that as we continue to grow, we will continue to delight you.

Dec 22,2018
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Webinar Contest Winner

December 20 hosted the first webinar on the work of our company. During the webinar, participants could share their impressions and ask live questions to the speaker. Among the participants was randomly held a mini-draw of a deposit of $ 100.We are pleased to congratulate the winner under the ID 357 (millondeneg1) and thank all the participants for participating in the webinar. In the near future, we promise to arrange a few more not less steep draws, where you will again have a chance to win the grand prize! Details of the draw, see the link and in our official chat in Telegram.

Dec 21,2018
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Benefits of choice

Taking into account your wishes and needs, we build the process of work and interaction and select the most optimal and technical solutions. An alternative method of depositing funds is already connected - the Yandex.Money payment system, which combines simplicity, functionality and reliability for the user.It is Yandex.Money that is considered the first Russian service that provides users with a wide range of options for working with virtual currency: easy authorization, availability of the mobile version of the system, functions for depositing and withdrawing money, and conducting money transfers and financial transactions in a few clicks.

Dec 18,2018
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Online conference

Dear partners, the time has finally come when we take the next step to conquer new heights. With great joy, we are ready to announce for you the first webinar dedicated to the work of our platform. We recommend all investors to visit this presentation, because it is there that you will receive comprehensive information about the company's activities, its management and plans for development around the world. Learn about the benefits of marketing and how to increase revenue through an affiliate program, you can ask the moderator any questions on topics of concern to you. And most importantly - you can take part in the prize draw of a deposit of $ 100.Be sure to come!   Beginning: December 20 at 19:00 Moscow time. Speaker: Andrey Timchenko.Webinar link:

Dec 14,2018
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The pursuit of excellence

Another stage of work to improve our website is over. This time we focused our attention on the user component and optimization for our partners. Already today, the site version in German has been launched. All the functionality and structure of the site are implemented both in terms of user convenience and in accordance with the technological capabilities of the system.We continue to develop the site system, and our goal is to provide additional benefits and comfort for our users.

Dec 12,2018
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The safety of your finances

At Cointonix, we use all modern standards for secure storage and handling of information when making payment transactions. The payment password is a secret code that must be entered to perform any financial transaction. The payment password is set by the user himself, it must consist of four numbers and differ from the password to access the company website.When it is established, a secret word is offered that will later help in case of loss of access to the payment password and is usually requested when contacting the Support Service for its restoration. Thus, a payment password is an additional protection that will help us keep your funds safe.

Dec 11,2018
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Your personal achievement

We welcome the various ideas of development and are interested in the availability of qualified, educated and responsible regional heads of representative offices of the company. You can open a Cointonix regional office and get a commercially successful business in a fast growing market. Cooperation with us guarantees you:· Reliable business partner;· High commission; · Advertising and printing support; · The opportunity to become a winner among partners and get rewards.Enjoy all the benefits of working with Cointonix! Additional information on cooperation can be obtained in the "Partners" section and by e-mail: [email protected].

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